EN10028-3 P355NL1 Plate and Sheet Manufacturer In India

P355NL1 Steel Plates comes in different standards such as GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN and so on. The process for making these plates is hot rolling and the heat treatments are as rolled, controlled rolling and or normalized. Stancor Alloys is a leading supplier of these plates and we manufacture different dimensions and scales of EN 10028-3 P355NL1 Pressure Vessel Steel Plates products. The plates range from 5mm to 150mm in thickness, 1000mm to 4500mm in width and 3000mm to 18000mm in length. Cut to length sizes are also available from us. The EN10028 P355NL1 plates material is made up of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, aluminum, nitrogen, chromium, copper, molybdenum, niobium, nickel, titanium and vanadium in the composition.

This composition provides the P355NL1 Mill Plates with very high yield and tensile strength properties. The tensile strength for plates less than 16mm in thickness is up to 630MPa and the minimum yield strength is 355MPa. The plates of higher thicknesses have less strength but not lower than 295MPa minimum yield strength and not less than 450MPa minimum tensile strength. The P355NL1 grade is used in the applications such as pressure pipe components, apparatus engineering, compressors, pressurized gas tanks, pressure vessels and in fine grain structural steels that can be welded. The P355NL1 Plates applications also include some elevated temperature applications such as the steam boilers, boiler components, heaters and heat exchangers. Please contact us for detailed information on the P355NL1 Material and the pricings.

P355NL1 Plate Materials Selection And Specification

Thickness 4 milimeter - 400 milimeter
Length 4000 milimeter - 12000 milimeter
Width 1000 milimeter - 4000 milimeter
Way Hot Rolled
Ability 10000 Tons

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BS EN P355NL1 Grade Chemical Properties

Element P355NL1  Max % Element P355NL1 max %
C 0.18 Cr 0.30
S 0.015 Ni 0.50
Si 0.50 Cu 0.30
AL 0.020 Ti 0.03
Mn 1.10-1.70 Mo 0.08
N 0.012 V 0.01
P 0.025 Nb 0.050

EN10028 P355NL1 steel plates Mechanical Behaviour

EN10028-3 Grade P355NL1 Pressure Vessel Steel Plates Standards Properties.

Grade Type Thickness Tensile Strength Impact Energy Yield Strength Elongation
(mm) MPa (KV J) (min) MPa (min) % (min)
    -40 degree    
P355NL1 Normalized ≤ 16 490-630 27 355 22
16> to ≤40 490-630 27 345 22
40> to ≤60 490-630 27 335 22
60> to ≤100 470-610 27 315 21
100> to ≤150 460-600 27 305 21
150> to ≤250 450-590 27 295 21

P355NL1 Mill Plates Tensile Requirements

Check Update Price before you buy DIN EN 10028-3 P355NL1 Plates and Sheet Manufacturer In India.
up to 16 355 490 to 630 22
16 to 40 345 490 to 630 22
over 40 to 60 335 490 to 630 22
over 60 to 100 315 470 to 610 21
over 100 to 150 305 460 to 600 21
over 150 to 250 295 450 to 590 21

Different P355NL1 Steel Plates Types

BS EN 10028-3 P355NL1 Carbon Steel Plates Supplier In Mumbai, India
P355NL1 Material P355NL1 Material
EN10028 P355NL1 Plate EN10028 P355NL1 Plate
EN10028 P355NL1 steel plate EN10028 P355NL1 steel plate
P355NL1 Mill Plate P355NL1 Mill Plate
P355NL1 Steel Grade Plate P355NL1 Steel Grade Plate
P355NL1 Plate P355NL1 Plate
EN10028-3 P355NL1 Pressure Vessel Steel Plates EN10028-3 P355NL1 Pressure Vessel Steel Plates
DIN EN 10028-3 P355NL1 Plate DIN EN 10028-3 P355NL1 Plate
P355NL1 Carbon Steel Plate P355NL1 Carbon Steel Plate
BS EN 10028-3 P355NL1 Plate BS EN 10028-3 P355NL1 Plate
P355NL1 EN 10028-3 Plate P355NL1 EN 10028-3 Plate
Steel Grade P355NL1 Plate Steel Grade P355NL1 Plate

EN 10028-2 P355NL1 Steel Plates Technical Requirements

  • High tension test
  • Low temperature impacting test
  • Simulated post-welded heat treatment (PWHT)
  • Ultrasonic test under EN 10160,ASTM A435,A577,A578
  • Issued Orginal Mill test certificate under EN 10204 FORMAT 3.1/3.2
  • Shot blasting and Painting,Cutting and welding as per end user’s demands

Application of P355 NL1 Plates

  • Boilers
  • Calorifiers
  • Columns
  • Dished Ends
  • Filters
  • Flanges
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pipelines
  • Pressure vessels
  • Storage tanks
  • Valves

EN 10028-2 P355NL1 Plates Processing

  • Cutting
  • Forming Drilling/ Machining
  • Grinding
  • Testing

Grade P355NL1 Plates Impact Test

  Type Usual
Impact Energy KV min[J] at temperature [°C]
Longitudinal Longitudinal
-50 -40 -20 0 +20 -50 -40 -20 0 +20
P355NL1 N 5-150 27 34 47 55 63 16 20 27 34 40

P355 NL1 Plates Material Testing

Pitting Resistance Test Flattening Test Chemical Analysis – Spectro Analysis
Flaring Test Hardness Test Positive Material Identification – PMI Testing
Mechanical Testing Such as Tensile of Area Micro and MacroTest Intergranular Corrosion (IGC) Test