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Rockstar Wear Plates is the hardest of all wear plates in the world. It has the Rockwell hardness 60 and HBW up to 700. There is no other hard steel that surpasses these measures. Stancor Alloys is a Distributor and supplier of this Extreme abrasion resistance sheet and plates types. These are used in liner plates, cladding, covering and abrasion resistant layers of heavy machineries and so on. The sheets and plates come in various thicknesses ranging from 8mm to 19mm and widths up to 2000mm with lengths ranging up to 14630mm. 

As the Rockstar® Extreme steel sheet is the world’s hardest steel plates type, it also has very high mechanical properties. The chemical composition includes carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, chromium, nickel and molybdenum in the composition with nickel being 2.5% of the weight. The Rockstar® steel Plates has surface properties and tolerances according to EN 10163-2 and EN 10029. The Rockstar® Sheet is used in heavy applications with yield strengths ranging above 1300MPa. The material is used in excavator buckets, earth moving machines, storage containers, transportation systems and in linings of larger machinery components. Please contact us for more information about the Rockstar® Extreme Plates products and details.

Abrasion Rockstar Extreme Plate Sizes And Schedule Specifications

Specification Of Rockstar Extreme Wear Plates, Buy Abrasion Resistance Sheet Best Price & Fast Delivery.

Item Abrasion Resistant Plate
Width up to 2000 milimeter
Hardness 570 to 630 HBW
Heat Treatment N, Q+T
Thickness 8 to 19 milimeter
Dimensions 2000 x 4000 milimeter
Surface Paint EP, PE, HDP, SMP, PVDF

Rockstar Extreme Sheets Chemical Composition Standard

Check Rockstar® Extreme Steel Sheet, Abrasion Resistant Rockstar Extreme Chemical Composition And Wear Rockstar Extreme Plates, Abrasion Rockstar Extreme Plates Mechanical Properties.

Thickness (mm) Typical Hardness (HRC)
8.0 - 19.0 57 - 63

Different Rockstar Extreme Wear Plate Types

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Rockstar Extreme Plates Rockstar Extreme Plates
Rockstar Extreme Wear Plate Rockstar Extreme Wear Plate
Extreme Abrasion Resistance Sheet Extreme Abrasion Resistance Sheet
Rockstar® Extreme Steel Sheet Rockstar® Extreme Steel Sheet
Abrasion Resistant Rockstar Extreme Abrasion Resistant Rockstar Extreme
Wear Rockstar Extreme Plates Wear Rockstar Extreme Plates
Abrasion Rockstar Extreme Plate Abrasion Rockstar Extreme Plate
Rockstar® Extreme Steel Plate Rockstar® Extreme Steel Plate
Abrasion Resistant Rockstar Extreme Steel Plate Abrasion Resistant Rockstar Extreme Steel Plate
Rockstar® Extreme Sheet Rockstar® Extreme Sheet
Rockstar Extreme Wear Sheet Rockstar Extreme Wear Sheet

Wear Rockstar Extreme Plates Mechanical Properties Database

Buy Rockstar Wear Resistant Steel Plates Certified & Tested Materials, We provide Multiple Payment Options Of Rockstar® Extreme Plates, Extreme Abrasion Resistance Plate Physical Properties Of Rockstar Sheets.
P C Cr Si Ni Mn Mo S B
0.015 0.47 1.20 0.50 2.50 1.40 0.80 0.010 0.005

Rockstar Extreme Steel Plates Equivalent

Thickness(mm) 8.0 - 19.0
Max CET(CEV) 0.57 (0.69)
Typical CET(CEV) 0.55 (0.66)

Extreme Abrasion Resistance Sheet Temperatures Range

Grade Plate thickness Minimum preheating temp. (°C) Maximum preheating temp. (°C)
Rockstar Extreme* 8 – 19 mm 100 100

Extreme Sheet Maximal Cutting Speed (Mm/min) For Oxy-fuel Cutting

Max plate thickness Rockstar Extreme
12 mm **
15 mm **
20 mm **
25 mm  
30 mm  
35 mm  
40 mm  
45 mm  
50 mm  
60 mm  
70 mm  
80 mm  
>80 mm  

Wear Rockstar Extreme Plates Laser Cutting

Cutting method Kerf width HAZ Dim. tolerances
Laser cutting < 1 mm 0.2-2 mm ± 0.2 mm

Abrasion Rockstar Extreme Plate Plasma Cutting

Cutting method Kerf width HAZ Dim. tolerances
Plasma cutting 2-6.5 mm 2-5 mm ± 1.0 mm

Rockstar Extreme Wear Sheet Welding Method

Welding method AWS classification EN classification
MAG/ GMAW, solid wire AWS A5.28 ER70X-X EN ISO 14341-A- G 38x
  AWS A5.28 ER80X-X EN ISO 14341-A- G 42x
MAG/ MCAW, metal cored wire AWS A5.28 E7XC-X EN ISO 17632-A- T 42xH5
  AWS A5.28 E8XC-X EN ISO 17632-A- T 46xH5
MAG/ FCAW, flux cored wire AWS A5.29 E7XT-X EN ISO 17632 -A- T 42xH5
  AWS A5.29 E8XT-X EN ISO 17632 -A- T 46xH5
MMA (SMAW, stick) AWS A5.5 E70X EN ISO 2560-A- E 42xH5
  AWS A5.5 E80X EN ISO 2560-A- E 46xH5
SAW AWS A5.23 F49X EN ISO 14171-A- S 42x
  AWS A5.23 F55X EN ISO 14171-A- S 46x
TIG/ GTAW AWS A5.18 ER70X EN ISO 636-A- W 42x
  AWS A5.28 ER80X EN ISO 636-A- W 46x

Rockstar Extreme Wear Plate Solid Cemented Carbide Drill

  Rockstar Extreme
Vc (m/min) 18-25
fn (mm/rev) min-max
Diameter 3.0-5.0 0.02-0.04
5.01-10.0 0.04-0.08
10.01-15.0 0.08-0.12
15.01-20.0 0.12-0.15

Extreme Abrasion Resistance Sheet Application

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Refineries Industry
  • Fertilizers Industry
  • Nuclear Power Plant Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Chemical Industry

Material Standards And Grades Of Hardox Extreme Plate


Wear Resistant

T: 8 - 19 mm

W: Up to 2000 mm

L: Up to 14630 mm

EN 10029