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Structural Steel Plates are plates made up of steel that has to conform to standards specified for structural steel. There are different grades and specifications of the structural steel types and they are used in different industrial applications. Stancor Alloys is a leading supplier of the High Yield Strength Structural Steels Plate products. There are limitations and standards as to which materials and elements could be present in the steel grades and in which quantities. The EN10025-2 Structural Steel Plate is used in the construction industry mainly. The applications include freight cars, machinery, truck parts, transmission towers, crane booms and truck frames. The EN10025-3 Structural Steel Plate belongs to different standards and specifications such as the ASTM 36 and ASTM A572. The different standard specifies different yield strength, tensile strength, toughness, ductility and temperature tolerance. The standards also specify the dimensions of the sheets and plates. The Alloy Structural Steel Plates are made up of different alloys that are present in the steels. Most structural steels are carbon steels. These are also called low alloy steels because the amount of other material present in these structural steel plates is very low.

The EN10025-3 High Strength Structural Steel Plates have tensile strengths up to 930MPa, almost twice as strong as ordinary austenitic stainless steel. The structural steel grades could be used in applications such as bridges and overhead constructions. The EN10025-4 Fine Grain Structural Steel Plates are formed through solid solution annealing and are fine grain structured, so that they are good for welding. There are different thicknesses of these sheets ranging from 3mm to 300mm depending on the grade. The width can range from 1500mm to 4500mm and the length of the Steel EN10025-4 Structural Plate can range from 3000mm to 18000mm. There are cut to length sizes produced based on custom requirements of the applications. The High Strength EN10025-6 Plates are also used in boilers, condensers, boiler tanks, storage containers, oil tankers and many other structural applications. Please contact us for any inquiries on Structural Steel Sheets and their grades and prices.

EN10025-2 Structural Steel Plate Analysis Specification

Item Structural Steel Plates
Length 6 meter - 12 meter
Grade EN10025-2, EN10025-3, EN10025-4, EN10025-6
Width 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m
Thickness 6 milimeter – 300 milimeter

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Carbon Steel Structural Steel Plate Application

  • Cement and Mining
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Fertilizers Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Refineries Industry
  • Nuclear Power Plant Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Construction

Structural Steel Hot Rolled Plate Mechanical Strength Table

Mechanical Composition Of Structural Steel Plate Manufacturer, Steel EN10025-4 Structural Plate, High Strength EN10025-6 Plates Stockist In India, Check Our Global Sales Network For Structural Steel Sheets.

Typical yield strength (MPa), not guaranteed Hardness 1) (HBW)
Min - Max 1)
4.7 - 51.0 1100 375 - 425

Offshore Steel Plate Impact Properties

Grade Longitudinal test, typical impact energy, Charpy V 10x10 mm test specimen. 1)
Rockstar HiTemp 60 J/ -40 oC

List Of Structural Steel Plates Types

High Yield Strength Structural Steels Plate High Yield Strength Structural Steels Plate
EN10025-2 Structural Steel Plate EN10025-2 Structural Steel Plate
Structural Steel HR Plate Structural Steel HR Plate
EN10025-3 Structural Steel Plate EN10025-3 Structural Steel Plate
Alloy Structural Steel Plates Alloy Structural Steel Plates
EN10025-3 High Strength Structural Steel Plates EN10025-3 High Strength Structural Steel Plates
EN10025-4 Fine Grain Structural Steel Plates EN10025-4 Fine Grain Structural Steel Plates
Steel EN10025-4 Structural Plate Steel EN10025-4 Structural Plate
High Strength EN10025-6 Plates High Strength EN10025-6 Plates
Structural Steel Sheets Structural Steel Sheets
Mild Steel Structural Steel Plate Mild Steel Structural Steel Plate
Steel Grade Structural Plate Steel Grade Structural Plate

High Strength Structural Steel Plate Chemical Analysis

En 1.0577 Structural Steel Plate Manufacturer in India, Check Offshore En 10025-2 Plates Chemical Composition, One Stop Shop For All Hot Rolled En 10025-2 Steel Plates, Structural Steel Plate Material.
Si P Mn Ni  Cr  Mo
0.25 0.010 0.70 0.025 1.60 1.50 1.40 0.004 1.5

The steel is grain refined. *) Intentional alloying elements.

Equivalent Grades Of Mild Steel Structural Steel Plate

Grade Equivalent Of EN10025-4 Fine Grain Structural Steel Plates, Tolerance Of Structural Steel Plates, Lowest Price Of Bulk High Quality Structural Steel Plates stock and Structural Steel Plate Supplier.
4.7 - 51.0
Max CET(CEV) 0.47 (0.70)
Typ CET(CEV) 0.40 (0.59)

Structural Steel HR Plate Tolerances

  • Thickness : Tolerances according to Rockstar Thickness guarantees. Rockstar guarantees meets the requirements of EN 10 029 Class A but offers more narrow tolerances.  
  • Length and Width : According to Structural dimension program. Tolerances according to SSAB´s mill edge standards or tolerances that conform to EN 10 029.
  • Shape : Tolerances according to EN 10 029.
  • Flatness : Tolerances according to Rockstar Flatness guarantees Class D, which are more restrictive than EN 10 029 Class N.
  • Surface Properties : According to EN 10 163-2, Class A Subclass 1.
  • Bending : Tolerances are according to Rockstar Bending guarantees Class E.

Structural Steel Plates Grade List

Spec Grade
A572 42, 50, 55, 60, 65
CSAG40.21 50A, 50W, 44W
A709 36, 50, 50W, HPS 50W, HPS 70W
M270 50, 50W
A588 A, B, K
A606 Type II, Type IV
A871 60, 65
A656 50, 60, 70, 80, 100
A573 58, 65, 70
A283 C, D
A633 A, C, D, E

Price of High Yield Strength Structural Steels Plate in India

Material Price
A572M Gr65 Structural Steel Plate US $600.00-$700.00 / Metric Ton
Steel Plate Structure 20mm 25mm Alloy Steel Plate US $500.00-$700.00 / Ton
Q235b Structural Steel Carbon Plate US $550.00-$620.00 / Ton
Carbon Structural Steel Thickness 25mm Plate US $490.00-$580.00 / Ton
Structure Steel Plate Price US $600.00-$670.00 / Ton
Hot Rolled Carbon Structural Steel Plate US $375.00-$452.00 / Ton
Low Alloy Structural Steel Plate US $600.00-$2000 / Ton
Sae 6150 Alloy Structural Steel Plate US $800.00-$1000 / Ton

Temperature Limit of EN10025-2 Structural Steel Plate

Structural Steel Plates starts at 900 °C (1,650 °F) for pure iron, then, as more carbon is added, the temperature falls to a minimum 724 °C (1,335 °F)

Alloy Structural Steel Plates Tensile and Yield Strength

Yield Strength
Structural Steel Grade at 16mm Minimum Yield Strength at nominal thickness 16mm
psi N/mm2 (MPa)
S235 33 000 235 N/mm2
S275 36 000 275 N/mm2
S355 50 000 355 N/mm2
Tensile Strength
Structural Steel Grade Tensile Strength MPa at Nom thickness between 3mm and 16mm
S235 360 – 510 MPa
S275 370 – 530 MPa
S355 470 – 630 MPa

EN10025-6 Carbon Structural Steel Plates HS code

HS Code Description
7308 High Strength Structural Steel Plates

High Quality Structural Steel Plate Thickness and Size Chart

Nominal Size Thickness
3/16 inches 7.65
1/4 inches 10.20
5/16 inches 12.75
3/8 inches 15.30
7/16 inches 17.85
1/2 inches 20.40
9/16 inches 22.95
5/8 inches 25.50
11/16 inches 28.05
3/4 inches 30.60
13/16 inches 33.15
7/8 inches 35.70
1 inches 40.80
1 1/8 inches 45.90
1 1/4 inches 51.00
1 3/8 inches 56.10
1 1/2 inches 61.20
1 5/8 inches 66.30
1 3/4 inches 71.40
1 7/8 inches 76.50
2 inches 81.60
2 1/8 inches 86.70
2 1/4 inches 91.80
2 1/2 inches 102.00
2 3/4 inches 112.20
3 inches 122.40
3 1/4 inches 132.60
3 1/2 inches 142.80
3 3/4 inches 153.00
4 inches 163.20
4 1/4 inches 173.40
4 1/2 inches 183.60
5 inches 204.00
5 1/2 inches 224.40
6 inches 244.80
6 1/2 inches 265.20
7 inches 285.60
7 1/2 inches 306.00
8 inches 326.40
9 inches 367.20
10 inches 408.00

EN10025-4 Fine Grain Structural Steel Plate Weight Chart

Plate Thickness
1.6milimeter 12.6
2.0milimeter 15.7
2.5milimeter 19.6
3milimeter 23.6
3.2milimeter 25.1
4milimeter 31.4
5milimeter 39.3
6milimeter 47.1
8milimeter 62.8
10milimeter 78.5
12.5milimeter 98.1
15milimeter 118
20milimeter 157
22.5milimeter 177
25milimeter 196
30milimeter 236
32milimeter 251
35milimeter 275
40milimeter 314
45milimeter 353
50milimeter 393
55milimeter 432
60milimeter 471
65milimeter 510
70milimeter 550
75milimeter 589
80milimeter 628
90milimeter 707
100milimeter 785
110milimeter 864
120milimeter 942
130milimeter 1051
150milimeter 1178
160milimeter 1256
180milimeter 1413
200milimeter 1570
250milimeter 1963

Steel EN10025-4 Structural Sheet Laser Cutting

Laser cutting ensures production speed without losing in precision, reliability, and ease of utilize. Accuracy and 20-30% reduction in getting together also means saving costs. The potentials of laser technology also make it possible to design and do things that were incomprehensible before.

High Tensile Structural Steel Plate Uses and Applications

  • Building floorings and elements of the superstructure of highlines, bridges, and galleries
  • Welded H-beams, columns and other supporting profiles made by cutting and processing steel plates
  • Medium and large-diameter pipes, which can be used both for utility lines (chimney stacks, pipelines, cabling, etc) and as supports for constructions and bridges

Steel EN10025-4 Structural Plate Welding Material

The welding conditions utilized with the developed steel plate. Weld joints were prepared by multi-layer gas metal arc welding (GMAW) with the welding heat input of 0.7 kJ/mm and by multi-layer submerged arc welding (SAW) with 5.0 kJ/mm